Ultimate 4×4 DIY Ambulance Conversion – Off Grid Overland Vehicle Tour

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Tom is a true adventurer that wanted to build his end all camper conversion. As shown in this video, it is easy to see he may have pulled it off. In terms of getting out somewhere and staying out there, this is one of the best builds I have ever seen!

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Edited By : Travis Cosentino

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49 thoughts on “Ultimate 4×4 DIY Ambulance Conversion – Off Grid Overland Vehicle Tour

  1. A much better $100k camper than those busses that have a lot of space but are useless to go places other than full hookup rv parks. Good choice on the induction cooktop: very efficient and no, you can simmer with them no problem (I have a 6 "burner" one at home and love it)

  2. Awesome build! I have a 2wd Ambulance converted that is fully functioning for adventures and extended outings, but still in progress for upgrades and improved functionality. What you've done here is truly inspirational and has got me motivated to get moving on completing some of my projects and pencil out some new ones here in the winter months. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Way cool! I bought a Ford E350 with Quigley 4×4 ambulance. Definitely overall a notch smaller. Haven't had the time to do a conversion. You have a ton of stuff in there. I'll keep mine a lot more simple. We have 6 kids so I don't know how I would get something offroad worthy to fit 8 people. I'll probably just putseats in it.. I was actually wondering if I can get it light enough to tow behind my RV.

  4. Love your taste in products and finishes. Isotherm fridge…makes you wonder how anyone can be happy with anything else once they know that’s available. At least that’s how I am. I’m working on being satisfied with less but it’s not easy. I love your “Butter-Barometer”. Peace.

  5. I love it all except sending hot water to the fresh water tank. Hot water tanks are notorious in having bacteria growth in them therefore potentially contaminating your fresh water tank.

  6. "Tom is a true adventurer…" Oh yeah? Strip him naked, then throw him anywhere that drops him 100 miles for the nearest human and no technology. Not one stitch. Then see how long he lasts. . . . . . but right now, he's just another boob with too much money and time.

  7. The whole approach to designing and building the internal space and functionality is so unique and effective, starting from the choice of vehicle it seemed like a smart process, and the details later were all more interesting as the video went on! And those valves and handles, man oh man, you're doibg ut better than an engineer

  8. I've watched a lot of these expedition vehicle videos. The cheapest of these trucks probably costs $100k. I don't think you get all that much more functionality from them than a simple 4×4 with camping gear and a toolbox. I don't see them as worth the price. I think the guys who own them just enjoy putting them together like a kid with a really expensive lego set.

  9. I am truly impressed. So well planned and thought out down to the last detail. Feels like a boat building design. Incredible use of space, especially the shower. Sleek, efficient, and the windows are extraordinary. First "van" type conversion I could actually imagine living in. The 4X4 sturdy aspect of this ambulance vehicle adds the ultimate layer of security from my perspective.

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