Serena Williams' Childhood Coach Shares His Tennis Tips

Thể Thao

Award-winning tennis coach Rick Macci has shaped the careers of Serena & Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, Jennifer Capriati, Maria Sharapova, and many others. Specializing in young tennis players with exceptional potential, Rick Macci believes you’re never too young to think like a champion.

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20 thoughts on “Serena Williams' Childhood Coach Shares His Tennis Tips

  1. HES ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ABOUT VENUS. i dont think she hit it cross court, she went down the line for a winner but at that very moment the entire match changed to her favor. the cameras panned out to Spirlea's coach and "shocked" could not even begin to describe the look on his face. Venus enters the USOpen finals at 17 and Spirleas best chance to reach any Grand Slam Final was crushed.

  2. I don't completely agree with the concept of forgetting everything and playing like every point is a new match. Because you must remember what happened when you did this kind of ball or that kind of ball to that opponent, to set your tactics. I agree you must forget the bad things and not stay focused on bad past things.

  3. Lie , how did he shape the Williams  sisters tennis,   Richard Williams is greatest. White cannot accept a Black who is superior to all coaches.  LIes    

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