12 thoughts on “SaPa in Schools

    SaPa program is really really a breakthrough for the future of Indian music. Introducing music to children at such a young age in such a fun and simplified way is really wonderful and will definitely get great results not only in producing future world Maestros but it will benefit all the children in every aspect of their development, mentally, physically- their dexterity, emotionally – they will learn how to express themselves in a whole new way and they will also learn how to interpret and feel music in their own way when they hear a piece played. What an absolutely beautiful gift and legacy you have given to these children and to the world. I hope this becomes global. I would love to be a child in one of your schools in India where SaPa is part of the curriculum. I had to wait till I was 47 years old before being inspired to learn tabla when I heard it played for the first time by Sri Vickneswaran Ramakrishnan "Vick Riyazi" who became and still is my Tabla Guru. That opened the door for me and at age 51 took up Ganjira and age 52 started Mridangam both inspired  by and taught by my Guru, Sri Thamarakudy Vijayakumar KR Ramakrishnan. These kids are so lucky to have such an early and wonderful start in music !! Your promotional video is perfect!! I'm sharing this on my FB also. Saraswathi and all the Great Gurus past and present bless you and your SaPa program and bring it success in every way. Thanks for sharing this!! :). Anne

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