Samsung SPACE Monitor Review – Gimmick or Game Changer? | The Tech Chap

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Samsung SR75 Space Monitor REVIEW – a 27-inch, 1440p, 144hz monitor with a unique clamp stand and adjustable hinge! Is the Space Monitor a gimmick or worth buying? Check it out:

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29 thoughts on “Samsung SPACE Monitor Review – Gimmick or Game Changer? | The Tech Chap

  1. If they’re expecting people to pay $330 for this, they could’ve at least included a few more ports! I mean for Christ sake, a monitor should not be made without a headphone jack and speakers built in to the dang thing at this point. Especially for that price!

  2. if you could adjust the height and would able you use vesa on it, it would probably be one of the best monitors in 2k19. samsung just throwed away a huge chance

  3. Here in Canada this monitor is going for $CAD 599. This is far more then the typical 33% exchange rate and placed it above gaming monitors in this size category but significantly below professional monitors like Dells Ultrasharp line. Its too expensive for a gamer but not featureized for a crease in this price point so it is unclear where it fits. It feel like it was deigned by he same comitee who designed the PL/I programming language (Yeah I am old!)

  4. Except this stand (as most stand is not ergonomic). The monitor should be slightly below eyes level. I'd rather have a stand that let's adjust height. Here, if you want the monitor at the right height, it goes forward toward you. Weird.

  5. "The port selection is limited". I've always wondered why people seem to want a multitude of connections. Surely you want HDMI and one or two options, and that's it? Surely the majority of users will plug the same thing in to the screen over and over again? Or am I just being unimaginative about its use?

  6. What the hell is up with the bezels? They look super thin on images but in every review I've seen there's this black bar around the the edges. Is it really like that or did you not configure Windows correctly?

  7. Can i use it for ps4 pro gaming…. And another thing it doesn't have audio input, how can i manage to use speaker with it when i am playing on ps4 pro???

    Plz ans.. It's a kindly request

  8. it's for those gamers who sit 2 inches from their screen and keep hitting their monitor stand with their keyboard or have to use it in an awkward position to be able to have the screen really close.

  9. 400 for that trash? Samsung products used to be reasonably priced, now they think they’re Apple. Unfortunately their products are way inferior, same with lg.

  10. i want to use my mac with an external monitor for photo editing, what would you recommend? my Imac monitor is damaged and i cant really work on it, so im using an old monitor at the moment but it doesnt give me the right Dynamic Range of colors.

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