Samsung One Ui 2.0 brings Fantastic New Feature to Galaxy S10 Plus (Android 10)

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One Ui 2.0 with Android 10 is out for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e. With this update, a new feature that was previously available on the Note 10 series now comes to the S10 series.

Let’s dive in and discover.

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46 thoughts on “Samsung One Ui 2.0 brings Fantastic New Feature to Galaxy S10 Plus (Android 10)

  1. Idk , this new update took away a few options I've noticed already, no telling what else , an example the size of the edge panel bar is tiny now even with max size why would you take away the size ability if anything allow it to be any size you want , why do they always take away from options and the dark mode is fucking scheduled now so I cant use it during the day what why . Guess this guy didn't notice that

  2. Note 10+ got their update today, at least I did! My sis & nephew in the Central Valley have had theirs on their S10's for awhile now. She wasn't even aware it had downloaded. Smh

  3. I really like your videos you are passing on valuable informations. I just up graded to s10 from lgv30 and I love lot of those features and yes my s10 has this screen record option

  4. one ui 2.0 brings us more useless garbage… and in my particular case… The fact that they removed two subtle features that I used every day… (no… Sorry… used every time I open the phone) Just cost T-Mobile $3,500 in refunds, because three brand new phones are utterly useless to me now…

  5. I have been using this S10 for the past 5 months and this phone is everything what an average user needs like the camera, display, battery, build quality and have to mention the headphone jack which is disappearing in the flagship segment. But for the display security applied Whitestone dome twice and failed so got myself set with gadgetshieldz and it fit perfectly on my S10.

  6. a question!! does the screen recorder comes with a trim and crop feature like the iphone does or no.?? fro example on the iphone if you record a screen of a youtube video u have the option of cut the video and just leave the part you want for the video if that makes sence.. like you can trim it or crop it.

  7. You don't have to go into settings to do any of this. It's been in the notification panel since the beta began. And the choices of how to record can be accessed from the notification panel too. The way your doing it has to many steps

  8. I like that Samsung is going with the gesture navigation as an option, but it is a bit buggy. Apple has almost perfected gesture navigation with google coming in second place with the Pixel 4.

  9. My Note 10+ with Android 9 already has these features but I didn't realize I could use the front facing camera to record myself at the same time. Thanks. You're a fount of knowledge.

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