Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 – the company just announced it’s latest smartwatch and it’s familiar looking. The new Galaxy Watch Active 2 follows the Active from earlier this year and brings back the much missed bezel control ring. The Active 2 will come in two sizes – 40 and 44mm – and Bluetooth and LTE versions. It will hit stores on September 27th for a starting price of $279.

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48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

  1. Unable to scan my creative outlier air earbuds and jabra elite 65t earbuds using the Bluetooth audio. Both are Bluetooth 5.0 but it seems like only Samsung earbuds work on this watch🤯😖

  2. Why not explain the difference between the Bluetooth & the LTE versions?

    Most people don't realize that if you choose the LTE, you will have to pay a monthly carrier fee of $10-$20 per month.

  3. @The Verge Is installing the Endomondo/MapMyRun app and paying for subscription on the Standard verson better than buying the Under Armor Edition? Any difference apart from the strap and 6mo subscription? Is the HR measurement a real deal-breaker? Can it get better with SW updates?

  4. You didn't comment on REAL battery life – I get 4 days out of my active 2. BTW Samsung finally released the Starbucks app for the Active 2!! (It's called SB Coffee Card). Now the Samsung Active 2 can finally replace the apple watch.

  5. Whomever is reading this remember to spread as much LOVE AS POSSIBLE, don't litter, help out the homeless and take of nature please it's really important we gotta take care of eachother and mother earth. thank you and have a blessed life ❤

  6. I have a question. I currently use the Samsung gear S3 Frontier. Is this watch worth upgrading to over the Frontier, and can it be used as a standalone device for making/ receiving calls? Thank you.

  7. I switched from Fitbit Charge 2 to Galaxy Watch, only to return it in a week. It was so heavy that it caused pain and numbness in my hand. I'm glad they have the aluminum option with this one.

  8. Does it have the antennas inside the bands? Are the bands replaceble even with non official ones? I ask because i have this issue (can't find replace bands) with the lg urbane 2 which otherwise would be still functioning after all these years…

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