SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD 2 – Coming Very Soon!

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The Samsung galaxy fold 2 is coming sooner than we thought and it looks incredible!

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the samsung galaxy fold 2 is the upcoming folding phone from samsung. After finally succeeding with the galaxy fold samsung are of course working on its successor the galaxy fold 2. While we have seen many different designs the galaxy fold 2 is set to be another incredible device from samsung. In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch and price of the samsung galaxy fold 2 along with an official unboxing and hands on video.

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32 thoughts on “SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD 2 – Coming Very Soon!

  1. This was an absolutely perfect video, which thoroughly explained everything I wanted to know at the moment about the various foldable phones that Samsung is coming out with this year. Subscribed !!!

  2. Dude its the end of year and you're still saying "although some might be disappointed that there's no headphone Jack " let it go already. Funny how you keep saying the same thing when it comes to Samsung phones but when you report other phones like Huawei you never say that

  3. Awesome review brother TT. Appreciate it. Looks awesome but will wait a while to see if they have any more problems. Keep the content coming. Hope you enjoy your day. Happy New Years brother

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