Acer Predator X27 vs Asus PG27UQ, Which G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Better?

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Acer Predator X27 Review vs Asus PG27UQ, Which G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Better?

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37 thoughts on “Acer Predator X27 vs Asus PG27UQ, Which G-Sync HDR Monitor Is Better?

  1. went yolo this BF and got the Asus for 1 grand. Glad I did. And the fan noise is way over rated. You have to look for it in a quiet room like when everyone is sleep.

  2. I don't think I could ever justify spending $2k on a monitor. However, I picked up the Acer Predator X27 for 50% off during the black Friday sale. Now I feel a bit better about such an expensive buy. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Well… It has dropped in price now. No real replacement on the market with 4k, hdr1000 and high refresh rate in non ultrawide, non curved segment. I'm jumping in.

  4. I bought the X27 for 550$ on Amazon, besides the noisy fan, it's a good monitor.
    I would never pay for a monitor more than 700$.

  5. wow, dude thanks for this, this is the most indepth comparison between these two monitors I have ever seen on the web so far. I decided to wait for a price drop or for some new tech, that will enable PC monitors to have the 4K resolution, high refresh and low latency and response time. I hope OLED will pick up soon for PC monitors. Because I just bought a new OLED TV and I will be never coming back and buy an LCD panel EVER again, lol. Unless the Acer X27 goes for less than 1k euro, which it might in a couple of years.

  6. You don't show almost anything about the PG27UQ, you only talk badly about it. Show us graphs and side-by-side comparisons instead of saying "this one is better" for the entire video. This feels too biased.

  7. Great review! It's been very tempting to get one of these monitors and definitely enjoy the eye candy of 4k HDR I get from my LG C7. Though I already own a BenQ XL2546-B and a Dell S21716DG monitor. To think these 4k 144hz montiors cost more than the cost of both of those… I think I'll stick to 1440p and use DSR for now if I want a 4k 144hz experience. Especially since there aren't many HDR titles as of yet.

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