Acer Predator Helios 300 – How to Open & Apply Thermal Paste – Teardown

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By request I’ve made a how to for the Predator Helios 300 on applying new thermal paste to the CPU/GPU.

Acer Predator Helios 300:

Arctic MX-4 Paste:
Grizzly Kryonaut:

Arctic Thermal Pads:

Tool Kit:

Keyboard Skin:

If this is your first time applying thermal paste and you want to apply the paste then place the heatsink off then remove to see how it spread… Then DO NOT just set the heatsink back on. You should reapply the paste once you check how to spread otherwise you will create air bubbles.

This is my second how-to EVER. So please be gentle lol.
And before you say anything I KNOW MY CAMERA SUCKS. My wife had mine out of town..
OH WELL… Take it or leave it.

As you can see from the video, Acer was very liberal applying the thermal paste. So if you own this laptop I highly recommend you do this.

(It doesn’t void warranty, Acer tech support has told me as long as you don’t damage your unit during the process then no warranty will be compromised.)

My temps before this was at 95 C heavy gaming (With no under volt etc.) and after it reaches 80 C max.

Temps with ThrottleStop before this hit 76 C max and 71 C max afterwards running back to back tests of the FireStrike benchmark.

If you haven’t checked out my ThrottleStop video I highly recommend it. It also works for any laptop using the i7 7700hq not just the Helios.

Thanks for checking it out!



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22 thoughts on “Acer Predator Helios 300 – How to Open & Apply Thermal Paste – Teardown

  1. Hi! I am an ITALIAN BOY and I want to follow this tutorial to improve the performance of my helios 300 g3-571.

    On my amazon profile there are 3 sizes of the termal pad and I try to buy the right one. Do I have to take the 0.5mm thick, 1mm or 1.5mm version? I ask you the courtesy to be very specific on this question as I have the feeling that things could really make a difference in such small spaces.

    Also: I'm going to replace the Solid State Drive "Micron_1100_mtfddav256tbn" with a "Samsung 970 pro 1tb" m.2 form factor, but the shape of the connectors between the two is completely different. Does the socket still support the 970 pro connector, or should I focus on a "Samsung 960 EVO 1TB"?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Did it for the first time and can't remember how many micro-strokes I had each time after accidentally scratching the motherboard surface. But eventually it all went well and my laptop actually booted properly after everything. Thank you for such a detailed and intelligible tutorial!

  3. just did mine (2019 version) not much different compared to this model (difference stated below)
    1. Fan connector location difference
    2. Less screw on the bottom of the plastic cover
    3. the battery is different

    Reduced my max temp by 10C

  4. My computer has been constantly peaking at 90 degrees on some games with the bottom of the laptop not even touching any surfaces. Thanks a ton, I really needed this.

  5. What was the results before and after, the whole video is meaningless if a person can't way in the risk/reward factor if you only gained two degrees it's not worth the risk, but if you gained 10 degrees people might consider it.

  6. Thanks for the walkthrough. Just picked up a used Helios 300 (2017 model) and it hit 99C while gaming, which was slightly alarming. A google search brought me here. While it has been an awesome laptop, that temp scares me.

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