These Tennis Shots Are So UNIQUE They Have NEVER Been Repeated!!

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40 thoughts on “These Tennis Shots Are So UNIQUE They Have NEVER Been Repeated!!

  1. Never been repeated on camera yeah sure. Only a couple like Monfils's jumping tweener or Benoit Paire lucky half volley are very impressing. Everything else is uncommon but it's not like they are the only one to have or to be able to hit these shots, I've hit a couple of these and I am not that special. The difference is that they are a lot more consistent in their actual games, but trick shots and talented people are really more common that you guys think, and if you think the opposite then I am sorry but you have no clue about tennis.

  2. A few more (ATP only since I don't know enough WTA):

    -Roddick's dive forehand against Raonic (as mentioned by Shawn Zhang below –
    -Federer's framed back-over-the-net dropshot lob with Mahut ( – pure luck and exhibition but still)
    -Both shots in the point at 12:28 here:

    -Raonic running past the net to hit a backbouncing shot into it from the other side (
    -Nadal's backhand smash off a smash from way behind the baseline (3:30 in here:
    -Jimmy Connors throws racquet to win point (might have happened more if not forbidden later –
    -Federer hits the sharpest angle ever (ball bounces on net twice before he touches it – 11:35 here
    -Arnaud Clement's 360 midcourt backhand smash off a smash on the rise (

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