Tennis Grass Court Fights & Drama 2019 | Part 3 | Wimbledon & Queens | Paire & Fognini

Thể Thao

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Part 3 of some tennis drama that occurred during the 2019 grass court season at Wimbledon and Queens.
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27 thoughts on “Tennis Grass Court Fights & Drama 2019 | Part 3 | Wimbledon & Queens | Paire & Fognini

  1. How can these players be such utter pricks. Firstly, the referee IS going to have the last word. Secondly, you ARE making yourself look stupid and petty, like a spoilt child. And SO embarrassing for everyone involved.

  2. This is the sport to play: a person holding an umbrella for you while you’re sitting down sipping mineral water on yr break, plus arguing with people 50% of the time 😂

  3. When you rely on interrupting, temper tantrums, technicalities & condescending remarks to judges…
    most times, you really ain't as good as you think you are. Shut up, and play.

  4. 1:57
    I feel Benoît Paire is right. It takes three points to catch up to his opponent and two to win the game. If he doesn't have a gut feeling at that moment that he's going to win, it's totally normal to give up the last point. Especially if it's in the first set. That is, of course, if you're not Rafael Nadal. It is strange how Paire is indeed very… emotional, to say the least, but he is very clever in this respect.

  5. Paire thought the shot was long, so he hit the ball out. He had already hit the ball, by time the Umpire said anything. So he loses the point.

    The last guy, should be banned.

  6. Tennis umpires get walked all over. Can you imagine someone saying to a baseball ump or basketball ref "thanks for ruining that inning?" or "thanks for ruining that point". They'd get technical'd or tossed before they finished speaking. Tennis umpires need to grow a pair and start handing out code violations more often, because when they allow players to openly disrespect not just them as a person, but more importantly the respect of the chair, the game falls apart. It invites everyone to constantly question and belittle them, and try to get them to overturn or second guess their calls.

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