49 thoughts on “Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova | US Open 2019 R1 Highlights

  1. This match up is so one sided that considering it a rivalry is hugely misleading. Serena is far far too good and dominant for their matches to even be competitive. She so easily overpowers Maria that it is not even funny. Maria may totally dwarf Serena height wise, but when they stand side to side, Serena's legs and thighs look much thicker and way more muscular, and her shoulders and arms are far more muscly and strong than Maria's.
    That there is definite bad blood between them gives their games edginess, but in reality Serena possesses far too much power around the court, hits the ball and serves too big for Maria, and is much too strong physically for her.
    Maria always looks so resigned, embarrassed and powerless after being overpowered and beaten up by Serena time after time, and would likely want to beat Serena so much that it hurts. She must absolutely hate to even hear the word Serena, as she knows that Serena is frustratingly too good and strong for her.

  2. the problem is that maria sharapova just has no variety in her game.

    everything she does well, serena is well ahead at it .

    serve – serena
    forehand – serena
    backhand – serena
    volleys – Serena
    overhead – serena
    power – Serena

    and then you have sharapova clumsily running all over the place ! its a fucking joke !

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  4. Here are my thoughts on Sharapova’s future. In 2004, she played an amazing game to beat Serena to win her first Slam. Today, she struggles now, and with only 5 slams, I still say she was a great player. I say was, because I just don’t think she can continue to play at the level she used to, before the shoulder surgeries, and the drug suspension. She either needs to adjust her schedule, train better to handle the pain, or start making changes to her game, because blasting the guts out of the ball, with just the drop shots, aren’t gonna cut it anymore. She needs more variety in her game, because if you compare her game to the Williams sisters, she couldn’t stand a chance now. Both Venus and Serena are power players, and just as clever when they play. We know Serena can disguise her serve, tricking her opponents into knowing what kind of serve is coming at them, and in what direction. Venus, if she isn’t serving well, she can still take control of the point, as we’ve seen at Indian Wells this year, when she beat Kvitova.
    Both sisters have amazing ground strokes, and Venus is amazing with the slice. Now Venus, she is one of few women who come up to the net, and she uses her long reach for some sick volleys. Serena sticks more the baseline, but utilizes net play to finish a point, or stay on the offense.
    Sharapova, I feel hits a lot of her shots with either top spin, or just flat, idk, can’t tell. But when you look at her serve, just how hard she tries to hit, I feel lacks control sometimes, which I feel is probably why she has problems with her shoulder to begin with. I rarely see her volley, unless she drop shots for a volley winner. All in all, Sharapova has little variety in her game, and that’s why she won’t win another grand slam, let alone any tournament.

  5. Serena Williams said, to Maria Sharapova, Let's Just Do this ok!
    My daughter🧸 is waiting for me
    to tell her that, I beat you at your
    own game.🎾Winning Championships

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  7. Sharapova to serena : I know you will win but why did you destroy me ? Please have some mercy on me
    Serena : sorry I was in a hurry today .
    maybe next time I will think if I will be mercy on you

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