Samsung Q90 4K HDR TV Review: Another Quantum Leap Forward For LED TVs

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We just took an in-depth look at Samsung’s Q90 4K HDR TV, and it’s impressive. This QLED blew us away, and has proven to be one of the best Samsung TVs yet. Check out the full video to see why this 4K QLED is one of our favorites for 2019.

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26 thoughts on “Samsung Q90 4K HDR TV Review: Another Quantum Leap Forward For LED TVs

  1. even though it has a 120hz native refresh rate or 240hz fake motion rate refresh rate can it still get 120fps at 1080p because it is only hdmi 2.0 not 2.1 which is dumb if you are going to make a 4k 120hz tv.

  2. I just returned two brand new oleds as they had faults 🙁
    The picture was beautiful, but for that price its a joke to have two brand new panels have issues.
    Just bought this instead… Here's hoping the loss of dolby vision Nd perfect blacks won't be to hard lol

  3. I purchased this tv in 65 inch and it’s ok but picture is struggling at times in dark areas when there is scene with lights turning on and off like in John wick 3 when there in the hotel

  4. Hey man, currently going through the purchase deliberations between the Q90 and Q900 (82 inch versions) and it seems you have not had a dedicated Q900 review outside of the conference and the 4k/8K 65 inch comparison video or is that just me?

    Thanks for all the reviews, definitely turned me towards the QLED vs. the OLED since I prefer some of the options and brightness offered with QLED over the pure blacks from OLED

  5. Another great vid. Please advise though…ive seen so many videos of owners comparing this to the older q8fn and the older sèt is far superior in contrast in comparison. How would you comment on this.
    Finally would you still perfer oled over this. Thanks

  6. I have a Samsung 55” Q90R and an Lg 65 C9. They’re both great tv but so far If I had to choose just one I would choose the Q90R. The box thing to hide the cables is great

  7. I own Q8FN and this is my last tv from samsung,my tv flicker every week,i have to switch off from the wall to fix this,still on warranty but samsung dont care about it and they dont even want to fix it👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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