Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Hands-On: Samsung’s balancing act

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Samsung may only have released the Galaxy Watch Active mere months ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to bring out bigger and better things. Case in point: the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which the company is launching today.

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42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Hands-On: Samsung’s balancing act

  1. This dud doesn't understand stand the potential of having these awsome features imagine listing to youtube video and u just wont to look for a few sec but ur working at your desk, so holding up ur phone up to your face isnt a option but looking at your watch is genius

  2. What an absolute negative review of this watch he had a side eye to give for each feature that was mentioned they should've picked the lady that was walking past in the background to do this video! Damn! I think this watch is great I've been looking at reviews and I'm sold on getting this watch 100% from doing research and looking at videos of people who give u a FULL WELL ROUNDED review of this product, I wish I wouldn't of ever gave this jealous ass video any play, could of cut the video short by giving buddy a trash can and a new Galaxy Watch and a blow torch and watch him set it on fire while telling u its trash end of review! "All the cool things this watch does…eehhh not worth telling you about"(while if the features were possibly on an apple watch this video would of been full to the top of positive commentary), this is how the video seemed to me at the end..oh well every one has an opinion, but his was biased as hell! 👎😒

  3. Spotify question: Could I download a playlist to the (aluminum) watch, connect Bluetooth earbuds, then leave my phone behind? Or is Spotify use without a phone only available with the LTE version?

  4. Turn youtube on when you're on a road trip or doing a workout/cardio when you don't want to bring your heavy smart phone and listen with your bluetooth headphones….. question solved…. Having youtube on your smartphone is awesome. Podcasts all day…..

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