Samsung Galaxy A51 vs Samsung Galaxy A50 – Who Will Win?

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Let’s compare the Galaxy A51 to the Samsung Galaxy A50.
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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A51 vs Samsung Galaxy A50 – Who Will Win?

  1. It's basically the exact same specs but you get more camera features and a nicer display. The chipset is basically the same and the loading times were different because the a51 runs Android 10 out of the box and the a50 currently runs on Android 9. The a50 is planned to have continued monthly security upsates and Android 10 with Samsung UI 2.0, which is a planned update for April.

  2. I just got the a50 yesterday and I noticed that if you tried to scan your fingerprint in biometrics in a dimly lit room it wouldn't work. I tried it in bright light and it works every time. As far as unlocking the phone I haven't had any problems with that.

  3. There is an A50 128GB, 6GB. That should have been the one you bought to compare to your A51. It would be a much fair comparison regarding spèed and software related test…

  4. Yo guys so I'm looking at the a70, 51 and 50 but the problem is that i want to have a good quality camera. None of that cheap stuff I don't want my snapchat videos to look like I filmed it from a potato. That being said is the a51 worth the extra price in regards to the camera quality? I know it has 4k but how much of a difference is it really

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