Remains of 6 people found after Hawaii tour helicopter crash

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The remains of six people have been found after a helicopter heading to one of the most rugged and remote coastlines in Hawaii crashed at the top of a mountain on the island of Kauai, authorities said.

Officials said Friday that there are no indications of survivors and that a search for the last person yet to be recovered would resume in the morning, depending on weather. Those who were recovered have not been identified and their families are being notified, authorities said.


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17 thoughts on “Remains of 6 people found after Hawaii tour helicopter crash

  1. To all those concerned about the difference in victims, remains, etc….WE do NOT KNOW ANYTHING TIL the US TSB looks over and studies the crash site….nobody knows IF the chopper was stuck by lightning….a mechanical malfunction….or natural causes (just like air turbulence which can scare the HELL outta me!)….we just gotta love each other closer and show our ALOHA to the departed ones AND the pilot. Nobody knows when it their time…..but, if situations occur and a little whisper tells you not to do stuff…….DONT! And to be very honest, I probably will never be on a copter in my life…..I can handle small planes (yeah I know….some crash too) but for copters, I pass.

  2. Helicopters used for tourism is always always always always a very very very very bad idea people!!! never ever ride a helicopter unless you are a military or a rescue first responder. Those helicopter tours used in such places such as Hawaii or the Grand Canyon are just like playing russian roulette with your life and your familys.

  3. This is very sad . But what is even more sad the plane in Kazakhstan that crashed yesterday many people died and when you look at the comments all the North Americans are posting negative comments or making fun of "Muslims " and okay with that plane going down. This is sad.

  4. We were in Maui. There was a bad storm during the night. The morning paper devoted half the front page to a huge bolt of lightning — evidently an unusual weather event. We had the helicopter tour scheduled but it had been canceled. I was relieved and we decided not to rebook.

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