REAL SAPA by NIGHT – Visit Sapa Vietnam ?🇻🇳

Du Lịch

Still trying to see the good in Sapa, Vietnam. 🤨
This time a look around in the evening.
Share your thoughts in the comments we love to read what you think.👍


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16 thoughts on “REAL SAPA by NIGHT – Visit Sapa Vietnam ?🇻🇳

  1. Hi Steve,
    Did you do any trekking around Sapa?
    I am going there in November and wanting to stay with a homestay. I want to make sure when I do it the money I spend stays with the homestay family.

  2. Although you personally didn't particularly gel with Sapa I really enjoyed this series as you presented in a real no-frills true to life experience. We did find Sapa an odd place to visit with an almost communist 1970's feel, however a year later we cannot really remember the negative aspect, perhaps you may too once the dust settles 😉

  3. Nice evening video Steve. Maybe to brighten up the time you've been in Vietnam, fancy doing a live show trying the different foods and snacks from there before you leave or maybe afterwards if you don't have enough time? I don't think you and Michelle have created a video trying Vietnam snacks yet :).

  4. Hi Steve, Sapa looks pretty at night time, walking on the roads is dangerous, ooh I would be scared of getting run over by all the bikes lol. I loved this, always great to see the rest of the world through the eyes of people who travel such as yourself. I am trying to watch all the videos, Im sorry for missing some of them but I will try to get to them as I am really interested in watching all of them. Please stay safe both you and Michelle.

  5. That ball game looked a bit like Bocce, which is like Boulles, I'm probably wrong though. It's very busy at night there, for sure. I'd definitely get run over. Lol. Thanks for sharing Sapa at night Steve, & take care to. ❤🙂🐶

  6. Hey Steve, I’m now living in Bali and your comment on phones I agree totally look at the iPhone for $2500 in Oz I just bought the Oppo phone and really I think it’s as good as the iPhone with great pictures and plenty of options for $350 there are better series for a bit more money. So really when my iPhone goes I’d buy the better Oppo for $500 as it’s just as good as my current 6 plus.

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