41 thoughts on “More Of.. What's Your HOA Horror Stories? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

  1. HOA's are a mini example of how government largely works. Your rights are at fiction with the ruling body, a privilege for which you must not only pay, but is also left to Democratic process in many cases. You don't own your property, and options are non-existent.

  2. i live in a neighbor hood with no hoa but if i go to the other side of my mountain there is a hoa and when im biking over there for some reason i get dirty looks and people awkwardly stare at me… some guy even got pissed at me and tried to get me in trouble. it didnt happen but its annoying

  3. How is it so hard to understand that HOA's are not government entities? Their "rules and regulations" have no force of law. I used to be a CO. Part of my job was to sit in court rooms all day watching inmates that were there for their cases. I saw case after case involving HOA's dismissed because HOA's are not government entities which can enforce laws or fines on you.

  4. My buddy was renting a house in an HOA neighborhood.  One day there is a guy peaking over his fence into his backyard where his kids are playing… my buddy, not being shy, introduces himself with a shotgun pointed at the guy claiming he was a, "Pervert," snooping on his kids.  Apparently the HOA was pretty much trespassing to find violations… but left him alone after that.

  5. Ugh. Our HOA is trying to prevent us from building a fence but keep charging us for not having a fence. My grandpa keeps trying to get them to agree but they always reject it. They once told him he didnt to get approved by the city, and he did, but then they said he couldn't do it because he wasnt a home owner, the house was in his girlfriend's name, so he built a fence out of planters.

  6. When they drive up on their little golf cart to take pictures be sure to take a picture of them in the golf cart and call the police too. Chances are that the golf cart is considered an illegal or unlicensed, uninsured, vehicle and the police will ticket them if they have enough evidence which will be gratifying for you and the cops they undoubtedly constantly harass with false calls.

  7. One place I lived, we had a secretary who was so unbelievably lazy she let a random resident (not voted on the the hoa) do all the work for her. Shed do shit like take the spare keys to homes that had an animal and take it to a shelter. Pets at the time weren't allowed, but she had zero authority but would just.. Do it. Had access to everyone's personal info. Like 35k ended up going missing (she had access to the safe, too)

  8. HOAs are run by people who wanted to be in the federal government but they were too stupid and didn't make the cut so they try the next best thing and try to get a job in the state government as some office head, when they inevitably fail at that they then try get on the school board of the school their children go to, and when that fails they get into a HOA as "Vice president no. 17" None of this is an exaggeration at all, that is 100% accurate.

  9. Woah, woah, woah…I thought you guys live in Murrica and not some dictatorial third world country….why would you guys even put up with the HOA shit?

  10. Its because of HOA existing, I always do research to see if they are over a neighborhood where some houses I've looked at and considered saving up for. HOA is just retarded tbh, no actual need for it

  11. I lived in an apartment complex with my girlfriend when i was about 20, we had a black dude as a security guy, and any excuse he could find to knock on our door, he did. If we left our car lights on, what kind of car did we have, etc…i think he was hoping to find my girl home alone sometime. Later i bought a house and was restomodding a 68 barracuda fastback, i bought alot of fiberglass bodyparts and put the rusty junk in the trashbarrel. Our homeowners group complained that it looked trashy, i said thats because thats what it was…TRASH! Friggin rich people! But its ok to have a boat or camper in your yard, right? So i bought a statue of a little cherub pissing and put it on the lawn facing the road. Hey, F them! Lol

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