Lorde – Tennis Court (Audio)

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“Tennis Court” is the lead single for Lorde’s debut LP, Pure Heroine. It’s a solemn reflection on her upcoming fame. It uses a darker backing than Royals, with even more electronic flairs embedded.

The music video is a one-shot, static shot of Lorde staring in the camera, with her only lip-syncing to the word “yeah”. The fanciest thing about it is her gothic get-up and light flares. When asked about the meaning, she said:

do you think things have to have a definite meaning to be good? i think there’s beauty in something people can’t quite work out, and maybe it wouldn’t be right for me to stick a meaning on it anyway. i made something that i thought was visually compelling, and that’s all i’m going to say. thanks for listening x

It has gone #1 in New Zealand.


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20 thoughts on “Lorde – Tennis Court (Audio)

  1. This is such an original song for the kind of boring, time period that it was made in. (no offense to the young people of today) I am very impressed with Lorde, her talent, the mixture of synth, the cool lyrics and the new style that has not been seen before……..

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