Lấy Nhân Mụn, Mụn Đầu Đen – Spa Loan – Remove Blackheads At Sapa Loan [HD]

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Lấy Nhân Mụn, Mụn Đầu Đen – Spa Loan – Remove Blackheads At Sapa Loan [HD]
Spa Loan Nguyễn – Địa chỉ : 135/1 Lê Đình Lý – Đà Nẵng – Hotline: 0905.712.220
– Mụn đối với chúng ta là một ác mộng, mụn đầu đen, mụn bọc trên mặt khiến các bạn mất sự tự tin khi phải ra ngoài gặp đối tác, bạn bè.
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When you come to Spa Loan Nguyen, You dont need too concern about blackheads, whiteheads ang so on, Just need a little seconds we will help you remove all of it. we are able to bring back for you pretty face skins.
Well come to Sapa Loan Nguyen to bring back your beaitifu skins. Thanks all of you.
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26 thoughts on “Lấy Nhân Mụn, Mụn Đầu Đen – Spa Loan – Remove Blackheads At Sapa Loan [HD]

  1. REALLY LOAN, I just un subscribed. Your main concern should be for your client, not if you can get that blackhead. You did NOTHING to comfort her! You just kept digging and stabbing obsessively. Because that's all that matters. You should have at least let her blow her nose, something. I'm disgusted.

  2. The poor girl was crying because the monster who is performing this barbearic procedure is DESTROYING her face by stabbing it with a needle repeatedly. Her face will be a mess with bloody scabs and horribly inflamed putules made worse by the cotton fibers that have been rubbed in there. This poor girl has to go to school looking like that and as we all know, kids are really kind about things like that. Meanwhile, the creep performing the procedure gets praised for a job well done by morons on YouTube. This is not a job "well-done", it's a job done for entertainment purposes , to get your clicks and follows. The crying girl is a victim. She may not even know she's being filmed for social media. I'd love to see YouTube make these people show the customer signing a release form at the beginning of the video, as it's being explained to them that they will be on YouTube.

  3. Maybe you should try lidocaine ointment when someone on your table is crying in pain! It's extremely inexpensive and only takes 3 to 5 minutes to begin the numbing process. Also ice packs come in all shapes and sizes sizes and are reusable and they also help with numbing and any pains from the needle. A few acetaminophen or ibuprofen taken an hour or so before the extractions begin may also help. Doing anything other than ignoring this young girls pain is brutal to me!

  4. I think that this last girl was crying 😭. I wonder if she was forced to get this done? Poor thing. I really didn't enjoy watching this once I realised she was crying I just had to stop watching. 😭😭

  5. 😂🤔😎😠👹☠️🛌👩‍👩‍👦‍👦🤘👎💣🐔🐓🐤🐣🦈☢️☣️🚷🚯🚱🆘🇪🇺🇨🇵🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇲🇲🇾🆘🆘Dangers🐷🐮🐏SOS danger poison acné provoquer par l'état mafieux sionistes qui assassines en silence 😎😠👹👹👹☠️☠️👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👎🤘🚷🚯👊👊👊🖐️🖐️✌️👏💥💥💥,, liberté vivre libre sans les sociétés satanique démoniaque qui amènent les peuples dans l'ombre satanique le chaos esclavages pour vos maître mafieux qui ont pris le pouvoir sur la planète terre,,,, réveillez-vous peuple trahis vous êtes en dangers réel,,

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