History of the Samsung Galaxy Note

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Starting with the introduction of the first Galaxy Note in 2011, Samsung has become one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. They’ve developed dozens of premium smartphones including the Galaxy S and Galaxy Fold, although this video will focus only on the Note series. You’ll see a chronological progression of each Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone and gain a better understanding of how the product line ended up where it’s at today.

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42 thoughts on “History of the Samsung Galaxy Note

  1. I'm the owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & I'm proud to having the Best Smartphone ever in my opinion~ 😃 I think it's the honor to watching Samsung Note Series getting so much improvement & evolution~ 👍🏻 I believe Samsung doing the Best job to making the great quality of the smarphones as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus obviously are most attractive Smartphones at this moment~ 👍🏻

  2. I still have the Note4, To me the best smartphone ever. User changeable battery, User addable storage till 256gb. great 16mp camera, 3,5" jack-plug, IR transmitter, User Upgrade-able for wireless charging, Very high resolution Amoled screen. Stylus. downside, Android6 and the CPU isn't really fast for 2019 standards .

  3. In memory of my Note 2
    I oet it from my bf and it died on a Sunday in September.
    I cannot turn it on or charge it anyway and so,it dies.
    If I can't solve this problem,I will just let it go then because I change it with a Lenovo.

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