Galaxy Fold full review: Samsung's fascinating foldable

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Samsung’s foldable phone represents the beginning of a brand-new era. Here’s everything good and bad about our foldable future

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45 thoughts on “Galaxy Fold full review: Samsung's fascinating foldable

  1. How do u use full screen on YouTube ?when I checked it out instore I couldn’t make the videos on YouTube full screen which was a downer. You know how u use ur fingers to spread the screen on YouTube to make it full I couldn’t do that on the fold which makes video screen no big at all??

  2. I think Samsung took a chance creating the fold and have given consumers a curious outlook on the market of smartphones. As much as people are complaining about the fold being expensive and that the screen has a crease, it looks cool and I hope it is perfected.

  3. i love that samsung came up with this concept but for now im going to hold off till maybe version 4 or 5 is released. right now it seems clunky but i know they're going to improve it over time

  4. I think the surface duo is a much better idea that the fold. Even with redesign it looks so ugly. The hinge, the line in the middle, the tiny phone screen, the camera eating in the screen, even the screen itself. Glass looks proper premium. It is new tech but until all the problems are resolved, it is just not worth it imo

  5. "The truth of the matter is most people are not buying this phone" —yeah right, this phone is almost impossible to buy unlocked. It is always sold out from best buy eveytime they recieve one in.

  6. Taking productivity to unnecessary levels. The design looks beautiful but is overkill in civvie life. As such our corporations don't let us sleep in peace with all the productivity tools available to keep us connected.

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