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26 thoughts on “FULL TOURNAMENT HIGHLIGHTS | Nitto ATP Finals 2019

  1. Haha, Tsitsipas learned that Medvedev is like Djokovic. You need to break his rythm. Approach the net, hit non-predictable shots.
    Also, Thiem learned that Djokovic's weakness is hitting down the line.

  2. とうとう世代交代か…4年近くは待ったな…

  3. The best of the best play more matches getting through round by round of the big tournaments. By the end of the year they are just a little fatigued physically and psychologically. So we see the next gen players just squeezing them out. The big 3 all missed out on the Nitto final. Even Medvedev is not playing the Davis Cup due to fatigue. Maybe they play just a little too much tennis on the circuit.

  4. Djokovich : Thiem was a mirror image of Tsitsipas : Thiem, only with the opposite sign for Thiem. First set tiebreak, second set clear win for the loser of set 1, third set with early break for the winner of the second set and later rebreak. Winner of second set wins the third set in tiebreak.

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