Federer vs Djokovic ● 10 Minutes of INSANE Tennis (HD)

Thể Thao

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45 thoughts on “Federer vs Djokovic ● 10 Minutes of INSANE Tennis (HD)

  1. Can we just enjoy them both while they are still active , stop being toxic towards them and hate on them , guys are incredible at what they do and should be an inspiration to all of us, more than ever im enjoying this sport cause of the big 3 and the magic they bring in here.

  2. I am a Federer fan but I feel it's unfair for Djokovic that people only remember how Federer broke Djoker's undefeated 42 match streak @RG 2011 SF and not how convincingly Djokovic did beat Federer the very next year in straight sets

  3. So glad roger beat joker. So now we won’t hear anything negative from the Djokovic fans. Like when Rafa pulled out of Paris, the joker fans said oh he just pulled out because he knew he would become world number one again. Why can’t we just all get along and respect all three of these magnificent tennis players? I idolize joker but you joker fans are ruining it for me.

  4. I feel bad for djokovic because Federer always has the crowd on his and it must be hard knowing that most of the stadium want the opposition to win that’s where djokovics mental game is better than his physical

  5. The winner isn't necessary the best player when it comes to Rodger vs Djokovic. The winner could be who took the greatest risks or took the least amount of risks.
    Both are the greatest on their day

  6. Love this match-up, always have. It's the most even-stevens match-up there is in the history of tennis.

    When it comes to pure shot-making at least there is none greater. This video speaks for itself.

    Not to mention the Wimbledon Final this year is the greatest match I've ever seen.

  7. Tbh Federer is a much better and versatile player when compared to djokovic, but still loses even after playing such a genius tennis… the irony is federer chokes when it actually matters whereas djokovic captures almost each and every chance he gets.. it's a sad reality but that's how it is..

  8. recent matches does not do these two justice imo the last time these two were on equal grounds in terms of athletic abilities were around 2011-2012. around this time djokovic finally caught up with Fedal and both Fed and Djoker had their wins and lost during their time period…with all matches being competitive and close.

    nowadays if djoker wins its cause fed is old. if Fed wins then djoko plays bad….still great matches but not as exciting as it used to be. Fedal still exciting however cus their level is pretty close. despite GS difference Djoko is best tennis player right now

  9. As a hardcore Fed fan, the fact that most of the points here are won by Federer is simply a microcosm of their whole rivalry.

    1) Federer wins the beautiful points aka those that will get standing ovation. If he plays lights out the entire match, he wins.
    2) Djokovic grinds Fed down by winning a few pretty points on his own but systematically fights through Fed's backhand (and sometimes mental strength) the whole match. These points are not usually on the highlight reels but they matter as much.

    So yeah, Fed vs Djoker is essentially a fight between Art and Machine. Take your pick.

  10. Watching those rallies makes me feel how Roger has declined post his 30's…he is still playing at high level due to his sheer talent and experience which no other player(I mean NOONE ) possess

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