EVERYTHING new in Android 10 – Full overview!

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Android 10 is officially out which means it’s time to take a deep look at everything in the new OS! If they’d kept the names, it would’ve been Android Queen Cake, but we’ll settle for 10, we guess. Links below!
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29 thoughts on “EVERYTHING new in Android 10 – Full overview!

  1. Hello friendos, Joe Hindy here.

    Thanks for watching! Leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you (if a reply is necessary, of course!). Yes, I realize my gmail is all over this video. However, I migrated all my stuff away from it years ago because I kept forgetting to remove it in old videos, so it's basically just my throwaway for testing now 😛 Oops!

    Anyway, any criticisms or questions and I'll be around periodically the next few days to check 'em out! (or you can tweet at me too! Whatever works!)

  2. I admit I am getting old but dude was talking so fast, I wanted to put on closed captions. But then I'd have to pause the video to see what he was saying. Breathe dude, breathe!

  3. Google should stop messing with the navigation keys, the 3 button layout was great, wasn't broken and didn't need fixing. Then came android pie with gestures, the only upside being slightly larger screen space to use, should have stuck with that, no need to fix that ain't broken

  4. I thought that the buggy recents screen preview size was just a problem with my rom, but apparently it's in pixel devices too 😕

    0:50, 0:53, 0:57: Notice how the screen to the left appears bigger at first, then suddenly becomes smaller upon release. It looks worse when swiping slower.

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