Acer One Cloudbook RESET 14 11 n15v2 A01 Full Factory Restore (WIndows 10 AO1-431 AO1-131 Notebook)

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This video will show you how to do a full factory restore on any Acer Cloudbook laptop or any Acer computer for that matter. Just simply hold the ALT key and tap the F10 key at the same time upon startup. You should immediately get it to say “please wait”.


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30 thoughts on “Acer One Cloudbook RESET 14 11 n15v2 A01 Full Factory Restore (WIndows 10 AO1-431 AO1-131 Notebook)

  1. I’ve had this laptop before and it was shit. Then it did this one day when it was booting up so I tried to find a solution on yt but nothing worked. I WANT NOBODY TO BUY THIS SHITTY LAPTOP

  2. This is the best video on YouTube to reset your Acer laptop if it’s stuck and not turning on. Only 2 min video but works better then other 20 mins videos. Very simple, and it works 100%

  3. I had the same boot loop issue with no avail. It would constantly fail when resetting. If you’re having this problem it’s more than likely your windows somehow corrupted and you’ll need to create a bootable USB and reinstall windows. Laptop didnt work for a year and I just fixed it with the same USB that I set my gaming computer up with.

  4. Aspire one 1-431*(Cloudbook) — This is the most bizzare notebook I've ever worked on. Firstly, it has a SOLDERED eSSD, and it's LOCKED, meaning I can't reinstall any OS on the drive. I have tried everything I can think of, and I've worked on probably 1K laptops/notebooks. SSD is detected in BIOS, but it says "No bootable device" when you try to start it. I went as far as going to CMD in recovery mode, then listing the drives — whaddya know, the SSD shows up… so I selected the drive, and it failed when I tried creating a new partition on it, so I used the diskpart command and chose CLEAN…. it was successful, but still nothing. I used Rufus for 3 different OS's (Win 7, 8.1, 10) via USB stick in Legacy Mode. Odd thing is, Win7 just gives me an error (SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED) and points it to a file called "sdstor.sys" next logical step: browse for this file from a healthy ISO, right? WRONG! So that fails (says it's not a signed driver, etc)….. What the hell man?? As far as I'm concerned, I've exhausted trial and error here. Anyone help??

  5. Your choice to keep my files was NOT a factory reset.
    Yes, this is very important to point out if you plan on putting "how to" videos online.
    What you did was a basic backdate of the OS while still keeping your files/settings.
    For laptop/PCs, this can still keep any malware or viruses that their systems have.
    Please either learn how to do it the right way, especially if you plan on trying to teach others… or let someone else that isn't willing to teach someone to screw the proverbial pooch.

  6. RubberWilbur I Have A Question? What If The Acer Aspire Cloudbook 14 eMMC Disk partitions Is Wiped Out, Is There Acer Recover Disk Software Available That Can Be Used To Restore The Disk Format Because According To Some Linux Interrogation Software, This eMMC Disk Has An Unknown MBR And Thus The Linux Install Software Returns The Following : mmcblk0 Timed Out R/W Command Card Status 0x2400900 Any Information Concerning Acer eMMC Disk Recover Software Is Highly Appreciated Thanks!!!

  7. I think it worked but I won't fully say it has until it's done, don't wanna get my hopes to high lol I'll update my comment if it worked.

    UPDATE: It worked and my laptop is back on and running now except the touchpad doesn't work and it's very slow and there's no audio whatsoever. Idk if it's just cuz it needs updates or something?? It hasn't been used for nearly two years so maybe that's why.

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