9 Fun and Useful School Supplies! DIY Back to School Hacks

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Ready or not, school is already here! So brace yourselves for these amazing school hacks that you’re about to unveil! Learn to turn your boring notebook into a watermelon and don’t forget to put that heart-shaped paperclip on the pages! Discover how to make a sharpener out of a tic-tac case, add that sparkling pen and put everything into this stylish zipper pencil case! Explore all these useful school supply hacks and many more!

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00:04 Heart-Shaped Paper Clip
01:07 Watermelon Shaped Notebook
02:28 Flexible One Meter Ruler
04:11 DIY Shiny Pen
05:43 Zipper Pencil Case
07:34 Whiteboard Marker Case
08:52 Tic Tac Pencil Sharpener
09:37 DIY Roll-Up Pencil Case

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    The school season has already started! 🎒🚌📚

    If you still have something unprepared, I can help you out! 📝📏🖋️

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