33 thoughts on “Top 10 SUPERDELUXE Tennis Spin Shots

  1. 4:33 Was my favorite tennis match ever! Verdasco makes this a 5 setter after going down 2. Very close sets, both playing their hearts out. I still root for Verdasco every match after this.

  2. Idt it has to do with aesthetics being the primary factor to a lethal spin on a ball.
    Physics may be the best formula to figure that one, since there are quite a few variables to take into consideration besides strength (volume, consistency, court surface).
    Federer still, has mastered the overall ‘style’ of tennis. He absolutely just shines.
    Neither of those boys are going anywhere, anytime soon though.
    As long as they keep the competition, a healthy ‘fun’…it’ll easily still only be them 2 for another 10yrs😳🤣🤔

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