Tennis TOP5. Scandals and Tantrums in 2018

Thể Thao

– Big Umpire Mistake. Radwanska vs Barthel. Doha.
– Benoit Paire Racket Smash
– Serena Williams’s US Open fight with umpire Carlos Ramos.
– French tennis player Alize Cornet gets violation after shirt change, sparking sexism chatter
– Umpire Mohamed Lahyani ‘beyond protocol’ in Nick Kyrgios match.


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38 thoughts on “Tennis TOP5. Scandals and Tantrums in 2018

  1. It wasn't that she called him a thief and a liar and men have gotten away with more, it was that she kept on badgering him until he shut her up with a penalty. She would have continued badgering him, shouting in his face to apologise throughout the remaining match if she wasn't reprimanded. And that's why she deserved it, I understand it's a game of emotions and tempers run high and people say things but the persistent badgering was too painful to watch.

    She calmed down eventually and started pleading later on with referees but she wasn't pleading with the chair umpire but she was shouting and disrespecting him.

  2. Who are these dumbasses throwing rackets lol. Dude you're there cus of that racket or else…. You're nothing without it. Remove that racket from your life, you're just a common guy / girl😂😂😂😂

  3. I hate that Tennis Rules. In table tennis, basketball, taekwondo you cant even speak up with the referee. Tennis players should be penalized everytime they ignore the referee.

  4. Serena is just disgusting. Glad she can't compete well against youngers players anymore and will be retiring soon. Halep wasn't wrong, why is this video making her look like she's the bad person? It's the stupid umpire who didn't pay attention and who doesn't want to listen when their mistake is pointed out.

  5. Tennis is ruled my the shitt of the world ! Thats why is not a sport but a paid shit house ! F. your self Tennis shit ! Toilet call chair shit ! Not 1 but all the time Paid whores !

  6. Just want everyone to notice, that almost every single one of these comments is about Serena, who shows up once or twice throughout a 10 min video. She pulls these “cards” because she has been in this game for a long time, and has seen how she has been singled out for being a black women. SOOO many men in tennis break their tennis rackets, and get away with it. (Marcos Baghdatis, Chris Harrison, Nikolay Davydenko).

    Also, why is everyone sooo upset that she called the umpire a “thief”. She has the right to be upset, when players such as Roger Federer, Djokavic, and Nick Kyrogis say actual sweat words to the umpire.

    In regards to Osaka, Serena understood that her fight with the umpire was upsetting the crowd, while Osaka was about to win her first grand slam. So she calmed the audience down, they hugged, they’re friends!!

  7. When Serena accused that umpire to be sexist she didn´t realize that her opponent Naomi Osaka is also a woman… that´s that for this ridiculous accusation. What´s the worst, her embarrassing behaviour made Osaka feel embarrassed herself – in the very moment of her greatest triumph. That´s not acceptable.

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