30 thoughts on “Tennis SCARIEST Performance of 2019 – Roger Federer

  1. Along with all success, RF definitely going down in the history as a tragic hero. How many GS and masters he missed just failed to convert the points in critical time and of course his main weaknesses is poor break point conversion %. Also, failed to hold the nerve and collapsed under pressure.

  2. Of course it had to be Federer. Objectively speaking, the scariest performance this year was Djokovic's performance against Rafa at the AO. Period.

  3. He played like god against Daniel Evans and Goffin but he lost his power and lost to Dimitrov. It's because he just can't maintain his level for the whole season. nothing to be shamed of because he's 38.

  4. In this match he did something he nowadays (from last year) does maybe once every 5 matches: Let his hands go.

    "Fear of losing is my enemy"
    ~Rafa Nadal

    Only need this phrase to realize about all the success Nadal had this year, compared with Federer, which only big title was Miami.

    Nadal knows that he cannot avoid a loss, and when he losses, learns from it.

    On the other hand, you see Federer playing matches (especially finals) just with fear of losing, his insecurity in big matches is so notorious compared with Nadal.

    If Federer was smart, he should think about all the good things he makes during big performances, instead, he comes at a press conference and say: "These scores just happened"

  5. Top 5 Federer performances in 2019:
    1. vs Nadal 76,16,63,64(Wimbledon
    2. vs Isner 61,64(Miami)
    3. vs Coric 62,62(Dubai)
    4. vs Anderson 60,64(Miami)
    5. vs Wawrinka 76,46,76,64(Roland Garros)

  6. Too bad his back flared up again and hold him off from maintaining this form in further rounds. Fed was looking scary good post a couple of scrappy rounds at USO19.

  7. This is starting to become a pattern. Last year, he struggled through the opening matches, destroyed Kyrgios and lost in the next round. This year, lost atleast a set in the opening matches, humbled Goffin and lost his next match vs Dimitrov. Both times, he raised the audience' expectations with the steamrolls and shocked them in a couple of days.

  8. Australian gave me an unexpected shocker
    French gave me an inevitable gloomyness
    Wimbledon raised my hopes but then gave me a heart break for ages
    By us open I was already dead inside (Fed fan)

  9. Federer put on a show this year, and this match might have been the best one. But I maintain that the best match of the year was Djokovic-Nadal at the AO. Pure destruction of the current-2nd best player of all time in barely 2 hours. 9 errors from Djokovic over 3 sets, plus it took Nadal like a set and a half to take more than 1 point off of Djokovic's serve. It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen in my life.

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