Subway Surfers World Tour 2019 – Chicago (Official Trailer)

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★ Join the Subway Surfers World Tour in windy Chicago
★ Go for a thrilling twilight surf through the beautiful cityscape
★ Leave a musical mark wherever you go on the funky Jazz board
★ Boost your crew with E.Z., the easygoing street surfer
★ Unlock the Jive Outfit for E.Z. and unleash his artistic talent

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28 thoughts on “Subway Surfers World Tour 2019 – Chicago (Official Trailer)

  1. Chicago Comeback
    Alicia – 50000 Coins
    Rex – $2.99
    E.Z – 95000 Coins
    Hot Dog – 50000 Coins
    Jazz – $5.99
    Rockstar – 20 Keys
    Wild Wednesday for this week
    Jenny – $2.99 (LIMITED ON WEDNESDAY
    Lauren – 95000 Coins (LIMITED ON THURSDAY

  2. Let me think if the updates of 2020
    New Years: Chicago
    Lunar New Years: Beijing
    Olympics: Somewhere in Japan
    Holidays: St. Petersburg
    Halloween: Maybe it's Scotland
    8th Birthday: Maybe it's Copehagen

  3. All subway surfers update from 2020
    New year Chicago
    Mexico city
    Valentile day Marrakech
    Hong Kong
    Easter Moscow
    8th Anniversary hadad
    New York
    5th July benous air
    Venice Beach
    End of summer japin
    Halloween transylvania

  4. My ideias for 2020 world tour:
    -janurary: Cairo 🇪🇬
    – februrary: buenos Aires ❤️ (Valentine's day)
    -march: Mônaco 🏁
    – april: New York 🐇 (easter)

    Someday i Think more…

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