Samsung Galaxy M30 review

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Samsung Galaxy M30’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy M30 review

  1. I felt the A series phones didnt have the best call quality. I have a little J3 orbit as a backup phone and its crystal clear with connection and phone calls. Only 60 dollars!! I was surprised it was clearer than the A20. So I'm not sure about the M series either

  2. Idk…. The plastic body kinda put me off tbh. I mean other company are using glass or sometimes metal body for their midrange phones but samsung is still using plastic…..

  3. Two disadvantge i dislike in the new genration of android phone in most mobil phones companies first one is they remove home boutton key.second is they make the battary non removble when the battary is dameges what should i do remove all panels and wires to change the battary why is that move for mobil phone compaines??? All other spiecefation is good and the screan quallty is good ans the sound also

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