NEW Fallout 76 HACK Allows People to Steal EVERYTHING FROM YOU!!

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Last week Fallout 76 was hacked allowing people to place assets into the game wherever they wanted. Now, just a few days later a NEW hack has entered the game where you can steal EVERYTHING from a player, including their armour AND weapons!!


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48 thoughts on “NEW Fallout 76 HACK Allows People to Steal EVERYTHING FROM YOU!!

  1. Oh, don't worry: In a future patch they'll release a 'item lock' feature that'll prevent anyone from stealing the gear off of your character. You just have to pay 4,000 atoms while also having a 76 First membership.

  2. This game is shit. People playing it should know better. You'd be better off playing real games out there, BL3 etc. And I agree, I really hope smart ppl that do play this shit game, file a class action suit against this company! It just never stops, this game has been a shit show since before release. The lies, bait and switches, etc, when will companies be held accountable?

  3. They can have my stuff. I'm on level 22 and I still have nothing. All guns I have are useless and every mission i try ends up in me being wiped out as scorched, and supermutants walk over me seemingly immune to my bullets . A truly shit game which needs throwing in the bin. I revisit it every now and again to see if the game has improved.

  4. I'm surprised people are playing this game. After all the controversy, and the fact that there's a much better game out there (The Outer Worlds) from the developer of Fallout: New Vegas (Obsidian). You'd figure everyone would've jumped ship to that game. But I guess there are those who love masochism.

    By the way, you got a new sub. Also, you rule!

  5. Question – at what point – can a product be seen as so sub par that a class action lawsuit is viable?
    I would LOVE to see Bethesda go down fall into Oblivion over this.
    In the best of worlds – Bethesda should just give all their intellectual properties to Obsidian Entertainment and then file for a controlled bankruptcy.

  6. You know how FFXIV has that recompense officer? Where you can buy back your own shit for gil very cheap I might add. Why the hell dosen't Fallout 76 have something like that?……… Oh, ……right. Todd Howard that's why.

  7. MY OPINION: Bethesda has no server backups to be able to roll back the servers, nor do they, (Bethesda), have any means by which to track atomic shoppe purchases so as to facilitate replacing stolen items, let alone any means to return ANY OF THE STOLEN ITEMS.

  8. In a way, I am starting to feel like Bethesda is trying a real life Vault experiment themselves. World wide scale, in fact. Just to see how much bullshit ordinary consumers are fucking willing to put up with before snapping.

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