40 thoughts on “Match Highlights: Federer v Kyrgios, Day 2, September 21 2019

  1. Did any one watch this bs
    Roger frauderer self promotion of how to have a droopy mouth with steroids.

    Funny how the best two Clean players ever are not there or talked about.

    Djokovic and Andreescu

    Its an exhibition of has been roid users nadal and federer.

  2. Super Roger. That shot between the legs by Kyrgios at a crucial time in the match actually spurred Roger, he must have said , don't try to toy with me. Roger changed gears from then on.

  3. I love to see this jerk Kyrgios’s ass get kicked by Federer.. Hate this fucker.. cocky and unprofessional all the time .. Love Roger for being an inspiration in this Tennis Era.. !! 🎾 💪🏽

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