Mario Kart Tour – Is F2P 15,000+ Possible in Daisy Hills? ROAD TO RANKED!

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Mario Kart Tour – F2P Ranked Cup Gameplay Walkthrough showcasing if F2P 15,000+ points is possible in the Daisy Hills Track in the Birdo Cup Ranked Mode of the Holiday Tour Week 1, on Android (& IOS) with Abdallah’s Family-Friendly Commentary in HD 1080p 60 fps!
👈Mario Kart Tour Playlist
👈Mario Kart Tour RANKED Playlist

Welcome to my Mario Kart Tour Gameplay Series! In this series, I’ll be showing viewers how to beat all the courses without spending any money (Free-to-Play)! If you’re excited for Mario Kart Tour and want to see more episodes, be sure to (👍) and turn on notifications (🔔) for more!

What is considered F2P (Free-to-Play)?

There are a few levels of Free-to-Play that are considered:

▪️ True F2P: One who doesn’t spend any rubies on The Pipe and only uses Tour Gift characters.
▪️ F2P: One who uses rubies on The Pipe, but doesn’t spend any money on purchasing Rubies or Gold Pass with Real Money.
▪️ F2P-Friendly: One who uses Rubies on The Pipe, doesn’t spend money on purchasing Rubies, and purchases the subscription of the Gold Pass.

At any given time, a user can utilize the Free Gold Pass Trial towards the end of a tour, in order to get Gold Pass Rewards of both Tours, once per account.

When making my videos, I classify somewhere between F2P and F2P-Friendly. I don’t spend money on the app for rubies outright – never have never will. As far as the Gold Pass is concerned, I use free funds earned from Google Opinion Rewards ( to afford the $4.99 on a different device, due to the fact that there is an error on my device when trying to subscribe to it. I claim the Gold Pass rewards on the last day of the tour on that alternate device, so I don’t miss out on having the ability to show viewers how to use the Gold Pass exclusive Drivers/Karts/Gliders. Since Rubies are the only thing that isn’t transferable from device to device, my alternate account has all the Gold Pass Rubies that are piling up without being spent.

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Download Mario Kart Tour on Android and IOS Mobile Devices:

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23 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour – Is F2P 15,000+ Possible in Daisy Hills? ROAD TO RANKED!

  1. Yo Abdallah! Do you know if they’ll put new challenges in the game? I finished 1.5 and realized that there was no 1.6…
    Will they stop providing us with a source of gems? I mean there are not many already, and if they don’t update new challenges it’s gonna be shameful

  2. I think a reasonable amount of rubies each tour is 100! with gold pass + some challenges you can get that in a tour at least I did
    I spent my rubies and got 10 new stuff including party time Pauline

  3. Abdallah when you unlock Waluigi's Pinball R, use Donkey Kong for coin limit breaking. There's a lot of coins to collect around the track. Peach (Vacation) does not have any good Coin Box courses to limit break easier on this tour. That's what I would reccommend to you.

  4. Daisy Hills on ranked mode Birdo cup is possible to get 15k+ points. Managed to score 16.4k with double frenzies for coins and heart on 119 combo total despite dropping 1 combo. Layout for lineup (4-3-2) Daisy,Daytripper, and Flower glider. I definitely can get another 1 or 2k or even 3-4k points with another good run but this time if I get a nice triple frenzy and a full combo while in 1st place.

  5. I have pulled 15 times on this pipe. The only spotlight I got so far is the Sleigh. However, the BEST pull thus far was I actually got King Boo!!! I got a Lucky 7 Frenzy also which was great. Thanks Abdallah for continued expertise, entertainment and dedication to MKT!!!

  6. Thank you Abdallah. With the same load out as you (plus 1 level on my glider) I got 3 frenzies in one run (mushroom, banana, then last box Coin) 16k!!! I lost combo twice and almost scrapped the run.

  7. Abdallah you only seem good at this game because your best runs always involve two coin frenzies unless you don't have top shelf. I have a lvl 2 Daisy, lvl 3 B Dasher and lvl 4 Flower glider and even this score seems like a stretch can you plz mention what score is possible without frenzies because not everyone is lucky enough to get not one but TWO coin frenzies.

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