36 thoughts on “HOA Hell

  1. First account hoa pres, she's an Uneducated pigbitch. Get your attorney to write the paperwork to "Opt Out" of the HOA. It's your right. Then form your own or just act like responsible adults that don't need to hire babysitters. And Yes it works, It's become common in Washington state. Remember YOU The Homeowner hired these Morons to babysit you. Flush and move on people!!!

  2. Idont understand why the entire community launch a class action against the board and the directors and get restitution for wrongfully using hao money etc etc send her brokebtw have you seen any annual statements if not supoena them.

  3. If a HOA tried to take over my neighborhood, no joke, I would make them disappear. Call it murder or whatever you want, but know this, my neighbors and I are on the same page. Fuck you U.S. government and police! Your corrupt system is fucking going down!

  4. And this is a perfect example as to why I would never own a home in a H.O.A. Had a chance to buy a beautiful home. Found out it was in a a H.O.A. so i told them in the nicest way I could to go get fucked! Actually that's what i said. Lol.

  5. I feel sorry for the Home owner It's not right what the HOA are doing to The home owner The HOA are scum and something diesel be done about it With out the home owner They would not be A HOA

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