33 thoughts on “FAR FROM PERFECT TOUR – PART 2

  1. 📍📍time stamps which are not necessary but i made cuz i feel like my heart going out 📍📍

    0:29 – twerking but much like cute little boy

    0:37”i mean to say hot tub’”

    0:54 – counting with his fingers to see how much is seven hours

    1:30 – ‘minimal’ with crowd that make me cry cuz everyone knows every word of the song

    1:50“What the f*ck is that?” with his cute face

    2:03 – twerking (again) with this lil adorable ass

    2:10 – a scene with the fluffy dog which makes my heart flutter

    3:57“Where is this come from?!”

    4:54 – walking (or running?) like a duck

    5:01 – baby shark?!?

    6:13“nobody is perfect”

    add more stamps if you find another good one

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