25 thoughts on “Family's fight with HOA over pool fence

  1. Most states require a fence around a pool and they really cannot dictate what kind unless it does not meet the requirements for safety spacing for kids to gain entry. Do the home owners own the land or is it rented land with built houses with a common property tax bill?

  2. She needs to sue. Iron fences around pools are not safe. Small children can squeeze through the bars. A fence is required by insurance AND if she didn't have a secure fence around her pool and someone else's child wandered over and drowned in her pool she would be liable. HOAs are nice for ensuring that your street is well lit and clean, but beyond that, I can't stand them. I'm a renter so I already have restrictions as to what I can do on the property but if I own my home I'm not about to have someone else tell me what I can do in my yard. As long as it is clean and well maintained it's no one else's business

  3. hoa is only run by ppl that wants to tell you how to do your house everything way they want and like this is an example of what hoa means everyone is entitled to there poolfence except these ppl that live on a front corner house hoa also is a ripp off charge you extra so when they sue anyone or a neighbor sueing them they usr that extra mny that you too put in to pay for there lawyer, mafia moves and low lives if you ask me.

  4. Are you freakin kidding me?! It is against the law to not have a fence around a pool, corner or not, without any gaps anywhere, more than 4 inches in Texas!!!! That's straight out of the most recent Texas HOA Law book, and widely known. These people are the community targets, obviously, as it seems every HOA has one… Hi Stonecourt, hear me now, hear me SOON. Screw them to the wall. A person who is on the receiving end of actions (legal, and not even considered wrong or not) with the intent to cause distress/intimidation is being victimized by perpetrators of a Federal Crime. Know your rights and the laws. That creep was talking bullsh**! Lying mofo. Good Luck, you are in the right, your HOA is NOT.

  5. that is HOA policy, in some bi laws read you must provide safety to the public and children with in good reason. find the loop hole for that and over write the policy for the fencing. that is a gate guard not fencing, that is a pool barrier not a fencing, that is a child safety gate not a fencing. request the HOA to prove there insurance to over any responsibility in case of a drowning or accident sue for that coverage. demand a 5 million dollar policy a price per head say 1m and if you have a party of 20 to have a 20 mill. see what they do then. they cant order you no protection with out coverage. sorry poor grammar. but im right on this. i won this dong it this way. they caved cost of ins for all homes was to great they would have to add hundred to the hoa fees and they be voted out of there cushion office. and audited.

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