40 thoughts on “Elina Svitolina vs Serena Williams | US Open 2019 Semi-Finals Highlights

  1. All she had to fucking do was wear the damn black catsuit to the final like we asked! Because you don't just serve and volley your way through the semifinals to flop in a damn purple dress! That was not it!

  2. Svitolina needs more power, not much but against Williams it matters a lot, you can't keep giving her floating balls, Serena lost to Andreescu because she simply wasn't used to deal with a ball coming back deep and fast, she tried to ace all game long to avoid powerful returns and she lost her first serve because of that.

  3. Pretty easy for Serena, since she plays like a man against mostly limited and average women players…
    …womens tennis is way less exciting than the men's competition, simply because most of the women players are not that good in the first place…cant figure why they expect to be paid the same prize money as men for playing less games to win a title at a lesser standard…

  4. Excellence will always attract hatred and envy. Serena is beyond good and this has not sat very well with those who are mediocre.When she wins, she's doping or she's a man who has an unfair advantage and when she loses, she's finished. Others will even go ahead and call her a monkey. Naming calling and hatred is all they can excel at.

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    Elina Svitolina vs. Serena Williams | US Open 2019 Semi-Finals Highlights

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