Acer Triton 900 Gaming Benchmarks – RTX 2080 Power!

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The Acer Triton 900 has a unique design with Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics inside, but just how well does it perform in different games? I’ve benchmarked a bunch of games at 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions to see how well it runs.

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Games tested:
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Battlefield V (BF5)
Borderlands 3
Ghost Recon – Breakpoint
Rainbow Six Siege
Red Dead Redemption 2
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
The Witcher 3

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41 thoughts on “Acer Triton 900 Gaming Benchmarks – RTX 2080 Power!

  1. Hey Jarrod I really appreciate you testing RDR2 with the mobile 2080. But can you test it with a laptop thst has a 2080 max-q in it? Cuz while I think that results for the 180w mobile 2080 are GREAT…. I can't afford it so the max-q will have to be my gpu of choice. Please and thank you for your time and effort! Looking forward to seeing you in 2020 and beyond!!!

  2. Great video, by the way are you planning on doing a review of the main gear vector and element they both look like good options but no one has a in-depth review on them, thanks.

  3. Can you help me to choose new laptop. If you were in my place which one do you want to buy? Why? I have two laptop in my mind. This is a Acer predator helios 300 RTX 2060 model and another one is Asus Zephyrus RTX 2060. What do you think?(example: cooling, battery life etc.)

  4. Hey jarrod, I’m looking for a decent laptop for gaming as a student, and only have a budget of $1500 aud, what would you recommend? High refresh rate would be nice but it’s not necessary.

  5. Hey jarrod, can you see if you can test the asus tuf fx505DT with the ryzen 7 3750H and gtx 1650 and also if you can, do it in dual channel 16? This is the config I want to get
    If you can that would be great 👍

  6. Instead of showing statistics in the form of bar charts I guess people here are more interested to see actual FPS on screen with benchmark tool or may be it's just me requesting this.

  7. Great review as always, I hope with the New Year your channel will continue to thrive and you gain more recognition for your amazing contents that you provide for us viewers. Appreciate everything you do and wish you a happy holidays!

  8. Hi Jarrod I want to buy a best gaming laptop under USD1260 (around 90,000INR) but I'm stuck with Nitro 7(i7, 8GB RAM, 6GB GTX 1660Ti GDDR6, 1TB SSD and costs around 90,000INR(1262USD)) and legion y540 (i7, 8GB RAM, 4GB GTX 1650 GDDR5, 1TB SSD and costs around 85,000INR(1200USD)).
    So I want your help to choose a best gaming laptop between these two and if you want to give any suggestions regarding other gaming laptops please give.

  9. I have owned the Predator Helios 700 with 17 inch for a long time. It is the most amazing laptop I have ever had. 9750 with a RTX 2080… cooling system by far on the market and only $1,999 us dollars. The screen is only 1080p but it's 144hz.

  10. Sigh another made for sell and not use laptop… 4k when they cannot make a cool/silent 1080p laptop?? rofl… It is pathetic how the laptop market is today, Mirror like useless screen surface as well to kill your eyes and see your surrounding not the image …
    I have a dream when a company will make a laptop for use for people who are not living in the fridge of the Airport in a darkroom.

  11. Great video as always. Is there any chance to see a Acer Helios 300 but 17 inch and with RTX2070 Max-Q? As far as I know 2070 is only available with bigger screen and it would be great see video about that configuration.

  12. 4k gaming is just not viable at this stage. If you, with high-end hardware, can't hit at least 60 FPS on high settings (borderlands 3 settings scaling) then there is something deeply wrong. This is doubly true for high refresh rate 4k panels.

    Maybe in a generation or two this will change, but at present stay away.

  13. Quite honestly, with high-end mobile hardware, which starts at the 2070, 1080p ceases to be a relevant benchmark for me since even low-end (any gaming laptop found under $1000 is low-end) can easily handle 1080p gaming.

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