Why the iPhone 11 is Pure Garbage (PRO)

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Ex-Google TechLead and Apple Brand Ambassador explains why the iPhone 11 is garbage PRO. I only wish this were parody. Land your dream tech job at Apple and save them from themselves:

It’s fascinating that Apple is no longer competing on hardware here, that’s a race to the bottom that they simply can’t win with all of the other manufacturers. Rather, Apple appears to be building a moat based on exclusive content in shows, movies, and games. This might just work too – imagine all of your friends talking about the season finale on the exclusive show “SEE,” which you can only watch if you also own an iDevice. The age of hardware is over, the age of exclusive content has begun.

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31 thoughts on “Why the iPhone 11 is Pure Garbage (PRO)

  1. Apple’s a12,13 bionic is the best chip existing right now. I tried many games on higher graphics, streaming and this apple products perform much better than adroids. Fact is that they are abit overpriced but it depends what do yoh use it for. I will stick to iphone because it is easy to use, safe and fast. It can perform better than galaxy note 10/asus rog phone.

  2. We use iphones in our company, have just bought 2 ordinary 11s ( no pros ) to replace elder items. I've got one. I'm not using apple TV, apple pay, nor apple arcade. None of my colleagues is. Comparable androids are about the same price, but do not come up to the security compliance of our licence standards. So it's not only sheep buying Apple. We are a MSP and run several hundreds of Linux server together with maybe 20 OpenBSD devices and maybe 2 MS Server ( finance software with a vendor lockin ). I hate all this connector / adapter shit, that has happened with apple lately. But there is a lot more to take into consideration.

  3. How asinine. The ONLY REASON you have a modern phone, at all, is Apple. Google has done nothing since monetizing search. They are every bit a steaming pile as is Microshaft. Same MO—copy Apple.

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