Strict Rules Billie Eilish Has To Follow On Tour But Doesn't

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Billie Eilish Is Unconventional In Every Way And This Means She Also Breaks Some Important Tour Rules From Time To Time.
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Billie Eilish made a name for herself in the music industry by breaking all the standard conventions! So you might be surprised that there are a few strict rules this celeb follows when she’s on her When We Fall Asleep tour, even if they’re ones she makes herself! She’s known for preferring baggy clothes but we’ll reveal how her onstage fashion translates behind the scenes. We’ll also talk about some serious issues she has to find ways to manage including Tourette Syndrome, depression, and her overall mental health.

How do you feel about the way this star expresses herself on tour and otherwise? Do you think it’s too far out there or is that what you like about her? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at TheTalko.

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40 thoughts on “Strict Rules Billie Eilish Has To Follow On Tour But Doesn't

  1. My brother has tourette syndrome and one time we were on a plane and this lady on the plane called a flight attended over and asked to move because she thought my brother was sick because his main tick is coughing

  2. Can anyone tell me what is to one-up?, what the meaning of "she is never going to be the to one up someone's sadness is?……I didn't understand that part, I'm not an American or English person so it's hard for me to completely understand the English language by hearing it.

  3. Finneas didn't help her create many of her songs… They created all her songs together! he is an incredible song writer and producer and also a wonderful singer. Don't underplay his talent common!

  4. Imagine if she actually listened to any of these rules and complied with industry standards… We need people like this so music can finally evolve into something interesting again. I'm about sick and tired of hearing the same 4 chords with the same general consensus in the lyrics on the same damn beat. every. single. song.
    Shocking? Only if you let it shock you. Dark? Well sure, but there's also a lot of light to be found in darkness if you dare to take off your sunglasses. Weird? It depends on your standards I guess, but nobody that did anything noteworthy in the history of this planet could be really classified as "normal" in that sense. Thinking inside the box gets things done, thinking outside the box gets the "impossible" done. But building your own box, now that creates new things to do and that's what progress is made of.

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