Should I Get One? Van's Aircraft Factory Tour!

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On a recent long layover in Portland, I visited the Van’s Aircraft Factory in Aurora and had a chance to tour their facilities and sit in the aircraft. Is it time for me to get an airplane?
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30 thoughts on “Should I Get One? Van's Aircraft Factory Tour!

  1. Retired guys with nothing but time take five years to built a kit airplane. Don't get sucked in. These 14 months stories are less than 1%. The majority of kits sold never fly. Not saying anything about the product. It's the rhetoric and the marketing that's malarkey.

  2. Hey Mover love you vids and appreciate your efforts, have followed RV's since the Rv4 did an easterly around the world trip way back in 1995 with male nurse/midwife Jon Johanson at the controls, he then did it again in 1996 flying westerly, another flight in 2000 crossing the North Pole were the cold cracked his windscreen, then in 2003 another flight crossing South Pole. His Rv4 after proving it's self is now in Port Adelaide Aviation Museum, your factory tour is the best and your tour guide is very enthusiastic and helpful, would love to see other factory tours as there are very few which are both informative and good, your Vans tour gave me the feeling of being present in the moment, if possible in near future would love a review of the Sling Tsi, that would be great, thanks again CW 🙂

  3. Very cool airplanes. If you decide to build one, I would love to help you. Retired 35 year Air Guard Msgt. 7 level maintainer Electric/ Environmental Shop Chief, Red X certified, worked on everything from DC-3’s to the F-15. – 10 year retired GS-12 QA Specialist with the DLA, and tons of tools including my good old “safety wire pliers” in my garage dying to get back on some nuts, bolts, Canon plugs, and I live a matter of minutes from your house. Great video Mover! Happy New Year Brother (Bill from Slidell).

  4. Fantastic video. Only recently discovered your videos and steadily working my way through them all. Thanks for the interesting insight into many different subjects. Looking forward to your 2020 uploads.

  5. The only advice i can give is … don't keep grinding about it and postpone. Got the preview plans in 1998. Bought the Tailkit in 2016 and started building this september. There's a million things to do in life which end up being excuses for postponing and once you really are building you wonder how many barrel rolls you could have done had you just gone with it. Building an airplane is a sacrifice but it's rewarding at the same time. Building an RV-8 as I don't have a T38 to go rolling across the sky. Blog at

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