Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

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Relive the longest singles final in Wimbledon history…

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43 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

  1. Novak's prize money = $139 million / Roger $129 million / Rafa $111 million. But Rodger and Rafa have won more titles than Novak, And Roger and Rafa have won more majors than Novak. So why does Novak have the most prize money???

  2. I'm a dedicated Fed fan, but I remain with the impression that Djoko wanted this match to last. He's a bit of a showman and wanted a "memorable" confrontation, even better than the semi final. He seemed totally in control and might have played with fire at the end, but a 3x 6-3 for Djoko wouldn't have surprised me that day. Fed was by far not as consistent as against Nadal.

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  4. Djocovic avrà pure sconfitto federer in molte finali
    Ma e anche vero che ha incominciato a vincere con un federer trentenne e sempre stato molto fortunato e comunque ha subito vere e proprie umiliazioni tennististiche da federer
    Hanno tanto criticato Roger per slam contro i vari roddick Gonzales baghadatis ma andate attentamente a guardare djocovic con chi gioca quando arriva in finale slam

  5. CHOKE of the Century…This was a HUGE HUGE Match for Federer and his Legacy at age "37"…This Win would have ended ALL DOUBT about who is the GOAT…And he ends up CHOKING 2 MATCH POINTS on HIS OWN SERVE…Just a HORRIBLE loss…Djokovic did not do anything during those match points…Federer just CHOKED and could not keep ball on the court

  6. this game proves that Roger's game has certainly move to another level. He even had 2 match point ahead But I suppose the pressure got to him at the end which was a bit unfortunate. But seriously Roger's game on this and most recent previous matches prove his mastery of the sport.

  7. Качественное видео , смотришь на таких толантливых игроков , и понимаешь за чем Бог русского немного по другому любит ..

  8. The 12-12 TB at Wimbledon totally ridiculous. The Grand Slams should have equal rules. Either have the TB at 6-6 in the final set, or play it through with one player having to win the final set by a two game margin.

  9. I think people are being unfair to most of the audience here. 1.000 hecklers will make a hell of a racket, even if there are 20.000 well-behaved spectators between them. Djokovic did well to ignore (or rather use) the noise, but the notion that he beat "the entire crowd" is over the top.

  10. Fed is a one of the best in the world. His fat British fans are morons. Those 2 bitches waging the finger are typical british tennis fans. Fat and stupid. Lay off fish and chips fatsos.

  11. Just look at these silly fedtards cheering… They have set a new benchmark for disrespect.This could be maybe the most satisfying match in my life watching tennis. Too good to be true… Look at them when Fed breaks in 4th set, in 5th set and at match points. The most hostile crowd we saw. Disrespectful…Unbearable…Im only sorry for Fed. Not for them

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