Nadal Defeats Medvedev to Win Fifth Title in Canada | Coupe Rogers 2019 Final Highlights

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Rafa was rampant as he successfully defended his title in Canada! Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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31 thoughts on “Nadal Defeats Medvedev to Win Fifth Title in Canada | Coupe Rogers 2019 Final Highlights

  1. Here just after Rafa came back from the brink against Med in the 2019 ATP Finals RR! He was 0-4 30-40 and then 1*-5 30-40 down! GREATEST COMEBACK EVER!

  2. I think Medvedev benefitted immensely from this loss to Nadal in Canada … He said Nadal's energy and intensity goes up during the match while his go down rapidly .. so in the next tournament when he met Novak, he was able to change his mindset to be ready to up his intensity after losing the first set to Novak, his increase in ferocity caught Novak by surprise and Novak lost the next 2 sets and the match … When Medvedev meets Nadal in US Open, I think Nadal was also surprised to lose his next 2 sets after winning the first 2, eventually its Nadal who won by a whisker but Medvedev's mental strength is now critically moved up a few notches to become a mental giant … I hope he can keep coming back to this Rogers Cup match in future matches to find inspirations !

  3. OMG! Nadal will win US Open 2019… Why? 2019 is the year,, wherein 19 yr old Bianca won and 19 grandslam for RAFA.. Rafa won in Canada vs Medvedev,, analyzing more,, a Canadian won the womens title. Coincidence? or Destiny? VAMOS RAFA!!!

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