Jannik Sinner Powers into Final to face Alex de Minaur | Next Gen ATP Finals Semi-Final Highlights

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Jannik Sinner set the Milan final with Alex de Minaur on Friday at the NextGenATP Finals… Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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43 thoughts on “Jannik Sinner Powers into Final to face Alex de Minaur | Next Gen ATP Finals Semi-Final Highlights

  1. It is just sick how well sinner mixes it all, all strikes are insane, powerful and aggressive, but even when he is forced to run his defence and running shots are crazy good! Sinner is a bit like berdych but with a great feet speed and defense game aswell. And he can still improve so much on the serve! I'm pretty sure he will be a full time top 5 in 2 years let's go jannik <3

  2. Looks like an age discrimination tournament – what's the criteria to qualify? Do they plan to have 'past generation' tournament as well? Or perhaps black vs white players?

  3. The NextGen scoring system is a joke, let's play real tennis with normal scores please. What when people get bored with this system in the future, go and only play one game?

  4. The groundstokes are world class but their game looks so one dimensional – hitting the ball as hard as they can. Not enough slices, drop shots, no display of finer strategies other than outhitting each other. The court doesn't help either. I think they will learn and adapt because this is boring compared to what we have been accustomed to see.
    Sinner and de minaur have some sick skills though and happy for them.

  5. Sinner remember me to Andy Murray when young… impresiona la solidez de su tennis y sus golpes. Juega con paciencia. De Minaur, también tiene la movilidad y exquisitez en tus contraataques

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