Android Q Beta 5 is Out! – What's New?

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Google released Android Q Beta 5 to developers and beta testers today. Android Q is the new version of Android and available to test on Pixel, Pixel 3a, OPPO,OnePlus, Xioami and many more devices. I show you all the new features including gestures, notification changes, dark mode tweaks, home screen changes and more on the Pixel 3 XL. #androidq #madebygoogle #android

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38 thoughts on “Android Q Beta 5 is Out! – What's New?

  1. Just a crappy upgrade. Whats the new feature? Android be like "Blue color in notification", "Peak in appstore" ,"Geature with three fingers" lmao. we stupid people follow these brainless technology.

  2. and this is why the gesture navigation as it is currently being implemented is fucking terrible. in a short 30 second time span you had to try twice to get the gestural navigation to do what you wanted it to do and show you the home screen, on two damn occasions. Just terrible. edit: and wow, that "peak" movement. Struggled to just get a fucking sidebar to open up. What a disaster.

  3. bro, im running android 10 beta 5 on my pixel 2 xl. it seems the override force dark theme feature does not really work on my device. some apps (instagram, maps, etc) are still having light theme. any solution to this?

  4. I would like to know if you've noticed some kind of improvement on ram management. I am about to get either the 3XL or 6T and I would like to know if 4gb of ram are good enough. Thanks!

  5. Hi Buddy. After installing beta 5 will i be able to use dual sim simultaneously ? Actually I'm using two sims in my pixel 3a xl but it won't allow me to use both sim cards at the same time so i have to make one sim disabled to make another one enabled.

  6. Lmao my asus max pro m1 is still on oreo but it already has a dark theme on its ui whenever i use a black wallpaper, where were you when android oreo got released then? :/

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