Touch Tennis – Amazing Kind Of Tennis – Known As Mini-Tennis

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Touchtennis is a modified version of tennis played on a compact court with foam balls and shorter (21 inch) rackets. It’s growing in popularity and acceptance as an alternative form of the full size game.

The official touchtennis rackets must be no shorter than 20.9 inches and no longer than 21.1 inches. Most manufacturers “21 inch” rackets fall within this variation despite being labelled as 21 inches in length. The rackets head size may be no greater than 107 square inches.

Special foam balls have been developed to withstand heavy hitting. The official ball of touchtennis is 8 cm in diameter and made from cut foam. The official ball has the touchtennis trademarked logo on it.

The dimensions of an official touchtennis court are 12 m × 5 m for singles and 12 m × 6 m for doubles. However, variances of up to a metre are tolerated on all lines in order to make the game more accessible and varied. Mini red/10 and Under Tennis dimensions are perfectly suitable. Players can also utilize a badminton court by lowering the net and taping a new service line 1 metre away from the badminton service line towards the baseline.

So,if you have time, let’s try 😉


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