28 thoughts on “Tennis – When Players Taste their Own Medicine!!

  1. Isner vs. Opelka has to be one of the most boring matchups in history. Big servers can make a game fun to watch if they play against someone who can return well and isn't as big a server. Trading blows until tiebreakers happen and someone messes up isn't really my idea of a fun match.

  2. At 2:35

    And that is why I hate Novak Djokovic

    Look, when the shot is not really hard, he goes like 'silence' or maybe a little 'ahh'

    But when it matters, he begins screaming 'EEEEEEEEEH' and it really takes away the concentration.

    Well deserved payback.

  3. I know you went for the banana shot down the line from Nadal but the 'running forehand winner against del potro' is actually Nadal's signature move. Running forehand down the line. Gotta give that to Nadal, man.

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