35 thoughts on “Oppo's Under Display Camera Phone is HERE!!!

  1. Oppo's engineer be like: "We just release the Reno but I forgot to add this feature. Let's make a Reno 2 already."
    makes Reno 2
    : OMG I want to add another feature lets make Reno 3
    And the story continues… 😂

  2. i think samsung will put it o the next Note series rather than S series, coz S11 are pretty much finalized, and Note are always the Pro inthe two samsung flagship.. guess i will go back to Note again after long time in the S Series.. looking forward to it..

  3. Oppo was the first to have more than 90% screen to body ratio
    Oppo was the one who popularised the teardrop notch
    Oppo made the fastest charging phone. It looks like oppo has become the frontrunner of innovation despite selling smartphones at such cheap price.
    Apple on the other hand……………….

    The less said the better.

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